Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Club and Hockey

The booktini gals are meeting next Friday, February 4th to discuss A Disobedient Girl.  I am loving the book and can hardly put it down.  Our booktini gal, Maureen, won us a Coffee Mate prize pack and we are so looking forward to having our coffee with all the fun flavors!  Stay tuned for pictures from the book club gathering!

Also, Christina's daughter, Catie, was recently in the local paper as one of the founding members of the first all-girl hockey team in the area.  You can check out the article here.  Go Catie!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Bethenny Frankel and a little more of Laura Spinella!

A couple of real housewives from Taunton, MA took a ride to Lowell, MA go see Bethenny Frankel, Real Housewife extraordinaire of NY! 

We enjoyed a night out with the Skinnygirl (complete with her margaritas) and got to hear about her exciting life on Real Housewives of NY and Bethenny Getting Married, her books on healthy eating, and everything in between.  If you have loved watching Bethenny on TV, then you would love seeing her in person.  Her no nonsense style and humor is as real as it gets and it was truly like spending an evening with a bunch of your girlfriends! 

I also had an opportunity to read an interview that Laura Spinella did on and learned so much more about her life and writing.  In addition to reading about Laura, you will get to read a small excerpt from her new novel Beautiful Disaster and learn about the inspiration behind the story.  I am even more excited to read this book and can't wait to talk to Laura about it in March.  Make sure you stop by and check it out!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saying good-bye to some friends...

At the end of every year, I like to take stock of my life - what did I do, what did I learn, what I wish I did, how can I be a better person, etc.  Well, I decided that in order to become the person I want to be in 2011 then I would have to let go of some friends of mine.  You know the kind - the ones who you really shouldn't hang out with, but you can't resist.  The ones who are a bad influence and are not good for you, but you have such a good time with them until the guilt sets in the next day.  Maybe you know my friends.  Maybe you love them too.  Maybe they are your BFFs.  Well, on January 1, 2011 I said good-bye to my friends, Pasta, Bread, Rice and Potatoes.  We had a real good time in 2010, but the party's over guys.  I just can't hang with you anymore.  I had a talk with my new friend, the scale, and she said you have to go.  Not forever, but for a while.  I am hoping to see you again soon, but maybe not morning, noon and night and I may only be able to hang with your whole grain cousins.  Yes, they're not as much fun - I know this - but it's for my own good.  After one week without my old friends, my new friend, scale, is much happier.  7.5 pounds happier to be exact. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book Signing with Laura Spinella

Laura Spinella was at the Borders in Mansfield, MA signing her new book Beautiful Disaster and it was such a pleasure to meet her.  She was so personable and happy to see us!  She even said she'd love to join us when we get together to discuss her book in March!  The booktini gals are excited to read it and can't wait to get together.  Stay tuned for pics from the meeting in March, as I'm sure it will be a good time!