Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting Ready for 2013

Booktini took 2012 off from blogging, but we're ready to start up again in 2013!  We will be bringing you book reviews, organizing tips, product reviews and lots of fun stuff!  

We will be reading Home Front by Kristin Hannah for our first book of 2013.

We've also selected these books for 2013:
A few of these books are by authors who have participated in one of our book club meetings for a previous book they've written. I've provided links to their blogs so you can check them out.  We've also left a couple of slots open in 2013 for any "must reads" that suddenly come along!  Remember Gone Girl this year?  Yeah, those are the runaway hits we like to leave room for!  

Are you in a book club?  Do you pick all your books for the whole year or do you do it moth by month?  I think most of us in Booktini are "planners" and like to have a list for the year with some wiggle room.  Most of us will read other books as well, along with some audio books too.  I am currently listening to Pillars of the Earth right now by Ken Follet.  I love historical fiction and decided to listen to this after listening to his novel Fall of Giants, which is the 1st book of the Century Trilogy.  The 2nd book came out this year, Winter of the World and the reviews were so great that it sparked me to listen to the first novel.  I loved it and plan on listening to Winter of the World next.  Do you listen to audio books?  They make my commute to and from work much more enjoyable.


  1. How fun to find ISABEL'S RHAPSODY here! Please consider it the novel's first official booking... Well, official anything! I see I am among stellar company with an impressive list of titles and authors! It's a thrill to be included,ladies!

  2. Thanks for choosing The Shortest Way Home - I'm honored to make this wonderful list. Let me know when the meeting is - hopefully I can Skype with you or even show up, if you'll have me. :)

  3. I have found your Book Club through Laura Spinella. Our Book Club in the past have chosen books month to month, but this year we are meeting next week to choose books for the year. Your list has helped me put together some books by different authors that I know I have not had the pleasure to read their books.

    Laura Spinella lives in our Town (I am so happy to say) and has been to one of our meetings! Laura, you book will be on our list for sure!