Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I was at fellow Booktini Girl, Christina's, house yesterday for a fabulous Silpada party (we won't disclose how much moolah was dropped that afternoon)!  Christina put out a great spread and we had an opportunity to try some Ed Hardy Sangria.
Well, this was love at first sight for me.  How amazing is that bottle design?  Then I poured a glass and wow!  Now, I love Sangria and I am a huge fan of the Berry Sangria at Olive Garden and this was pretty darn close!  Kristen, another Booktini gal, loved it and said she could taste the fruit - especially the oranges.  She deemed it excellent!  We all decided that we would never bother with the labor of making Sangria again as long as we could buy this bottle. 

Now, also at this soiree, Christina was modeling her new Lindsay Phillips ballet flats.  So cute!

These uber comfortable, stretchy, cushioned shoes have optional clips you can buy to change the look and dress them up!  We're in love.  I love how you can't see the beginning of your toes.  Kristen referred to it as "toe cleavage."  Love that!  So, yes, these shoes have zero toe cleavage!  Christina has such a great sense of fashion and is always informing us of the latest trends.  This is why we heart her!

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