Monday, March 7, 2011

Booktini in Boston!

The new Art of the Americas wing at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is quickly becoming one of the city's most buzzed about places! Located on, Huntington Avenue, near The Fenway, a visit to this neo-classical building is one both the art enthusiast and the novice is sure to appreciate.  As a "Bzz Agent," I received complimentary passes to the museum. (The MFA also offers free admission several days throughout the year, as does Bank of America, which is great, because the tickets are a bit pricey).
Fellow Booktini gal, Heather, & I visited the MFA with our families last week. We were truly impressed with the size and scope of the Art of the Americas wing! Some of our familes' favorite pieces included Copley's famous portrait of Paul Revere and Sully's masterpiece, "The Passage of the Delaware." Other favorites were the Cassatt and Sargent galleries of this wing. "The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit," an iconic seven-foot tall portrait by Sargent, returned back from a loan to a Spanish museum in time for the opening of the 500 million dollar expansion. The massive blue and white vases featured in the portrait are also on display beside it. 
The multimedia guide was a big hit with my children. Joey & Tommy enjoyed using the iPods to watch cartoon characters give explanations about the artwork throughout the tour. Another fantastic option, offered in the Scharf Visitors Center, is the family tote bag, filled with laminated games, puzzles and note cards that really enhance a family visit. They are free to use for the day. My sons loved picking out a contemporary work from the third floor of the new wing to sketch, using the paper and colored pencils included in the tote. It was a fabulous day trip to Boston and one we'll certainly be buzzing about for a long time! Mobac

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