Sunday, March 6, 2011

Time to Organize!

So, I've been cleaning, purging and organizing the bedrooms in my house.  I don't do this nearly as often as I should.  Having said that, I thought I'd post some before and after pictures of my closet.  Yes, I know this is very brave, but I'm doing it in the name of inspiration.  I am hoping these pictures will inspire you to clean out some closets before the good weather comes.  Because the last place you'll want to be is inside cleaning, right?

Here's before:

Can you believe it?  I can hear you gasping!  Relax.  Here's the after:

So much better!  I am very pleased with the end result.  I even organized my shirts by color in rainbow order of course!  I learned a few things about myself along the way.  One is that I don't own any clothes that are yellow.  I thought that was odd.  No yellow.  Not a single thing.  Is that odd?  Are your clothes missing a particular color? 

The other thing I learned is that my chest is the landing site for anything that is going to stain my shirt.  I can't tell you how many shirts I ditched because they had a stain on my chest.  Like in the same spot.  Every single one.  Now, I'm no Dolly Parton but I'm not lacking in that area either.  Does that happen to you?

Well, that's just one small part of the many cleaning projects I've completed in the past few weekends.  The best part is that I have about 8 giant trash bags of clothes to donate from all the bedrooms and closets that have been cleaned out and that's a great feeling! 

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  1. What a great feeling to get all that cleaning done. I'm hoping to do some spring cleaning myself this month. In fact, I was thinking at one of our upcoming meetings, we could have a "new to you" or "trash vs. treasure" theme? We would bring something that is in condition, that we simply no longer want/need/use and perhaps go home with a new treasure. Any unpicked items could be donated after the meeting. What do you think?