Friday, February 15, 2013

All Done with the Snow

When you live in New England you are always prepared snow, but it doesn't mean you necessarily love it or even like it.  I've tried to embrace it and it's never gonna happen.  Never.  Last weekend we got 21 inches of snow where I live, but other parts of New England got upwards of 30+ inches.  Now that's just crazy.  I, like many "grown-ups," found myself talking about "The Blizzard of '78."  I talked to my kids.  I talked to my family and friends.  I talked about it on Facebook.  People were trapped and stranded for days during that blizzard!  People didn't own snow blowers like they do today, so it was all back-breaking shoveling.  Did they even sell snow blowers back then?  I can't even imagine.  I was only 7 years old.  I played in it - I didn't shovel it. 

I helped my son shovel various paths from the entrances to our house.  I whined.  It was heavy.  It was so deep you had to shovel in layers!  Layers I tell ya!  I didn't last long out there.  It was too windy.  And cold.  Did I mention that it was heavy snow? 

Yes, I know he's not wearing a coat.  He's 15.  They apparently don't get cold at 15.  We were just happy that he wasn't in shorts!

To say that the plows didn't do a good job in the neighborhood is an understatement, but I guess they had bigger fish to fry on the main roads and interstates. 

It's now a one lane street.  One lane for cars and one lane for the snow that didn't get plowed.  Two cars can't fit by at the same time.  There was lots of backing up and pulling into driveways to let others by.  It's still like that, but some of it has melted and you can now pull over to the side and let people by. 

I was so happy that it's Friday and then I heard there's snow in the forecast for tomorrow.  Really?  More snow? 

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