Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Downton Abbey Finale


If you didn't see this season's Downton Abbey Finale read no further!


I need time to recover from this season.  Don't you?  Were you as shocked as I was?  Can't they let this family be happy for more than 30 seconds?  I was devastated over the loss of Sybil and I can't believe that Matthew is now gone.  What is it with childbirth?  We were so relieved that Mary made it through and then they go and have Matthew die in a car accident right after the birth of his son!  Why all the tragedy?

On the bright side, I was enjoying seeing Anna and Mr. Bates together.  They are so cute.

I also loved seeing O'Brien get a little taste of nasty from someone else!  Poor Molesley, but he sure had a good time!  And how did I become to like Thomas?  When did this happen?  I was genuinely happy when Jimmy said he could be friends with Thomas.  I honestly never thought I could like Thomas - not even for a second.

Now, what is this crazy story line that's right out of a page in Jane Eyre?  A crazy wife in an asylum?  Seriously?  C'mon Edith, you can find a normal relationship with someone who doesn't have a crazy wife locked up somewhere.  Will she ever catch a break?

I am glad that Carson and Mrs. Hughes got rid of that hussy who kissed Branson.  Nothing good could come from her being there.  I hope next season brings the whole Daisy/Ivy/Jimmy/Alfred love circle to an end.  No one is smitten with the right person!  It's pure torture to watch!  I also can't wait to see what kind of chaos Rose brings to Downton next season.  She's a wild one and I don't know how Cora and Lord Grantham will reign her in! 

A quick shout out to the Masterpiece writers for next season - More happy.  Less tragic.

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